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Many homeowners and contractors sing praises for multi-panes in their new windows. Multi-panes such as double and triple-pane windows are touted to offer higher energy efficiency and durability ratings compared to their single-pane counterparts. While the hype is definitely based on real advantages, many are still not familiar with this style of windows.


Your choice of windows depends on several factors, such as your location, climate, and energy efficiency needs. If you’re considering whether multi-paned replacement windows are right for your home, here is a quick overview of their benefits explained by our experts at Woodbridge Home Solutions.

Insulated Glass Units

IGU stands for Insulated Glass Unit, the technical term for multi-paned replacement windows. These are typically double-pane windows, but triple-pane windows are also common. This IGUS is typically layers of glass separated by very thin layers of insulating gas such as argon or krypton. The gas prevents heat from passing through the windows while still allowing light.

Best Energy Efficiency

The key to energy management is keeping your heat or cooled air inside your home as much as possible. Up to 30% of home heat loss is attributed to windows and doors, so reinforcing these areas is essential. Multi-paned windows cut down these losses a little without sacrificing much-needed daylight.


Condensation is a common problem faced by both single-pane and older windows. Condensation can cause water to trickle down into the frame. In older windows with faulty gaskets and weatherstripping, this can lead to water penetration problems as well as energy loss. The high insulation ratings of multi-paned windows help lessen, if not eliminate, condensation problems throughout the year.

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