replacement vs new construction windows

One of the first questions you will be asked when shopping for windows is whether you need replacement windows or new construction windows – since replacement windows are intended to replace existing windows. What are the similarities and differences between these two products? Let’s take a deep dive into replacement windows vs new construction windows.

What is a Replacement Window?

Replacement windows are installed into pre-existing window openings with little disruption to the existing window frames. They are sometimes called retrofit windows and are primarily used for replacing existing home windows.

The installation process of a replacement window can be fairly straightforward. The old window is removed, and the replacement window is dropped into its place. Your replacement window can be custom-made to fit the dimensions of your existing window opening.

Pros of replacement windows

  • Purchasing and installing replacement windows is typically cheaper than buying new construction windows.
  • Replacement windows are the perfect solution if there aren’t any issues with the existing window frame, insulation, siding, flashing, or other surrounding elements.
  • New replacement windows are constructed with modern energy-saving materials. For example, replacing your double-pane windows with triple-glass panes will increase efficiency. Also, double-hung windows are easier to clean and operate.
  • Professionals can install replacement windows faster than new construction windows.

Cons of replacement windows

  • Because of this installation process, replacement windows have less glass area than new construction windows because you are installing a frame within a frame.
  • Replacement windows only work well if your window frame is in good shape.
  • Some homeowners opt for new construction windows if they wish to change the location and size of their windows.

new construction windows

What Are New Construction Windows?

  • New construction windows are primarily intended for new homes or home additions. However, some homeowners purchase new construction windows if they want to change their current windows’ location, shape, or size.
  • New construction windows are attached to the studs using a nail fin frame. In most cases, the exterior finish must be removed to install new construction windows.

Pros of new construction windows

  • New construction windows aren’t installed as a frame inside a frame – so you don’t have a reduction in the glass area of your window as you would if installing a replacement window.
  • New construction windows may be required if you have a severely damaged wall or frame that needs to be repaired before the new window can be installed.
  • You may use new construction windows if you need to change your current windows’ location, shape, or size.

Cons of new construction windows

  • A new construction window is more time-consuming to install, which may mean it is also more expensive.

The Bottom Line: New Construction and Replacement Windows

  • If your existing frame and wall are in good shape, purchasing replacement windows instead of new construction windows makes sense.
  • However, if you are building a new house or adding space to your home, you should look for a company that does new construction window installation. In addition, you may need new construction windows if your existing window frame and surrounding wall are in poor shape or if you are changing your window’s location, shape, or size.

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