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All picture windows are fixed-pane windows – but not all fixed-pane windows are picture windows. We know this is a bit confusing. So, keep reading to understand the differences between these two window styles.

Picture Windows

A picture window is often considered a decorative piece – similar to a picture you would hang on the wall. You’ll find them often in a home’s communal living space. 

A picture window may offer uninterrupted views of the outside and act as a way to bring in more natural light. Most picture windows have low-profile frames to maximize the glass surface. 

Additional Characteristics of a Picture Window

Picture windows are non-operational, which means they can’t open. However, if airflow is needed, it’s common to pair picture windows with adjacent operational windows (such as double hung windows or casement windows). For example, a bay window configuration typically uses a picture window in the middle flanked on both sides with an operable window. 

Picture windows are set directly into the frame without a sash. Instead, the glass is held with an adhesive – giving the window a simple, clean profile. 

Picture windows can be made in almost any size. However, they are typically rectangular-shaped. 

Unlike double hung windows, the exterior of a picture window can’t be cleaned from the inside. 

picture windows

Fixed Windows

A fixed window is a non-operational window – like a picture window. However, fixed windows typically have larger frames. This is sometimes necessary in some spaces in order to match other accompanying operating windows. For example, your fixed window may also have the same grille patterns as other operational windows to give uniformity to your design.

Additional Characteristics of a Fixed Window

The thicker, exposed frame on a fixed window offers a bolder design option. However, this wider frame lets in less light than a picture window of the same size. 

Like picture windows, fixed windows come in many different sizes and can be installed on their own. However, they are often installed in combination with other window styles

Fixed windows come in various sizes. However, a direct set picture window is the best option if a homeowner needs a fixed window larger than 84 inches in either height or width.

While picture windows are typically rectangular-shaped, fixed window options often come in many shapes. 

Key Takeaways: Benefits of Picture and Fixed Windows

Picture windows and fixed windows share these benefits:

  • Increase the natural light in your space
  • Offer expansive views
  • No drafts
  • Offer increased energy efficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure
  • Safer for multi-level dwellings – especially when using tempered glass
  • Interesting architectural detail in your room

Key Takeaways: Drawbacks of Fixed Pane Windows and Picture Windows 

  • Lack of ventilation
  • Cannot clean the exterior side from indoors
  • Cannot be used as a fire escape route

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We’ll also discuss low-e glass options, so you can enjoy expansive views without reducing energy efficiency. Ask your Woodbridge representative about Energy Star options if improved energy efficiency is the main goal for this window replacement project. 

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