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Is your view obstructed by the grid patterns on your double-hung windows? Consider replacing several smaller windows with one large picture window. Here are things to consider when selecting a fixed pane window, including picture window types, styles, and sizes.

Picture windows earned this name because they are meant to be a frame for your picturesque outdoor scenery. But even if your views are less than spectacular, there are still benefits to installing large picture windows.

But before we discuss styles and sizes, let’s discuss the benefits of installing picture windows in your home.

4 Benefits of Picture Windows

Picture windows are a considerable investment. Here are some benefits of installing a picture window in your home.

Picture windows let in a lot of natural light.

Natural light makes a room homier. Access to natural light is also good for our health and mental well-being.

Picture windows are fixed windows.

As the name implies, fixed-pane windows don’t open. As a result, they are much more energy efficient than operable windows. 

Picture windows add drama and flair to a dull interior.

Do you have an empty wall space that needs some oomph? Installing large windows in your room will create a more modern look. Plus, you’ll finally be able to grow houseplants with all of your new natural light!

Replacing several windows with one large picture window will lower energy bills.

You’ll notice a massive difference in your energy bills when you replace drafty old single-hung windows with one larger window – especially if you select low e-glass.

Picture Window Styles

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Fixed frame windows come in many different shapes. You don’t have to be limited to the traditional rectangular window when you purchase a fixed window for your home. Ask your window company to learn more about the options. 

In addition, you can select picture windows with simple, sleek frames or add grilles for a more traditional look. 

Another way homeowners vary the style of their picture window is by adding other windows (double-hung windows or casement windows) around the perimeter of a central picture window. This design lets in more light, and the window combinations can be made up of operable windows to improve ventilation.

Picture Window Sizes

Picture windows come in a variety of sizes. For example, you can order a window measuring 2 to 9 feet in width and 1 to 8 feet tall. But, of course, some homeowners opt for floor-to-ceiling windows. 

It’s worth noting that picture window cost varies greatly. Get several quotes and ask questions. Not all products are the same. 

Where to Buy Picture Windows (and Double Hung Windows)

Woodbridge Home Solutions is your source for picture windows in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Our product is made in Texas and is thoroughly insulated and sealed to help reduce your energy bills. 

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Types of Picture Windows: Final Thoughts

  • Picture windows can change the entire feel of your room. 
  • A picture window can give you an unobstructed view of the outdoors, let in more light, and save energy.
  • There are a lot of different picture window types. You can add grilles or opt for sleek frames.
  • Some owners add operable windows on either side of a fixed pane window to improve ventilation. 
  • Picture windows can be short and squat or go from the ceiling to the floor.
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