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If you’re shopping for replacement windows, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to framing materials, colors, styles, and accessories. But have you considered what kind of grid patterns you want? These features are often overlooked, but they can give Dallas homeowners additional decorative options to create widow effects that increase visual interest and complement their home’s architectural style.

Types of Window Grids

Muntins are the bars that divide window panes into segments, thus creating a grid. Traditionally, muntins were true framing pieces, holding in place separate pieces of glass that formed the grid. With today’s energy-efficient replacement windows, however, muntins are usually set between the panes of glass or above them so as not to compromise their thermal performance. In terms of maintenance, it’s better to opt for between-the-glass muntins in your replacement windows, since it makes cleaning much easier.

The most common styles of window grids include:

  • Colonial – This classic and traditional grid separates the panes into squares, usually four, six, or nine. It is most common in double-hung windows, although it can also be used in picture, bow, and bay windows.
  • Prairie – With this grid, the muntins are set a few inches from the frame, resulting in a pattern that creates small squares at the corners and long, rectangular segments between, while the center of the pane is left open. If you’re considering casement style replacement windows, prairie grids would work well. They’re also popular on double hung windows.
  • Craftsman – There’s no rule that says the grids on upper and lower sashes have to be the same. Craftsman style grids have a single, undivided pane of glass on the bottom and two rectangular segments on the top.
  • Dimond – Dimond grids offer a bit of Old World flair and are most often used in accent windows like those at the end of a hallway or beneath dormers.

Of course, if you prefer a clean and contemporary look for your replacement windows, you can always opt for no grid at all. The important thing is to be aware of all your decorative options. At Woodbridge Home Solutions, our exclusive line of Woodbridge Classic vinyl windows comes in a vast array of colors, styles, and grid patterns. Contact us today and schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more. We also offer to finance for eligible Dallas homeowners, so be sure to ask about ways to make your replacement windows more affordable.

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