window mullion

When talking about replacement windows, you may surely have heard the terms “mullion” and “muntin.” They may look similar at first glance, but these two window components are different from each other. Also, they help boost the appearance of your home’s exterior.

About the Mullion

The vertical bar that runs from the top edge of the window frame to the bottom is called a mullion. Made of the same material as the frames’ main edges, it is responsible for providing support to the window’s glass pane. Mullions on windows tend to have numerous vertical, rectangle-shaped glass panes instead of a single continual pane.

About the Muntin

If the mullion divides the window vertically, the muntin divides the same horizontally. Vinyl windows would feature this component to support the glass panes. It is rare for certain units not to have muntins, which is why it is often paired with the mullion.

Another Layer of Aesthetic Detail

Mullions and muntins are integral parts of windows because they give the fixtures a detailed look for the home’s exterior. See the image above—look at how the lines on the windows make the home look more intricate. Without them, the entire facade of the structure will feel dull. Be sure to ask a contractor about mulling your windows.

Lines that Provide Function

Large window types like bay windows tend to have mullions and muntins to give additional support to the panes, allowing the frames to resist damage. With smaller individual panels secured, this makes for easier replacement if the panels get damaged.

At Woodbridge Home Solutions, you can take advantage of customization when choosing the style of your replacement windows online. When you contact us for this project, we can provide you with our product guide to see our selection of different window grid patterns.

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