prevent heat escaping home

Winter is here. As Americans are gearing up for the cold, household owners are also looking for ways to cut back on energy costs. While you can certainly do your part in heating your home, your efforts will be useless if heat is leaking from your home anyway.

In today’s post, Woodbridge Home Exteriors, your trusted source of energy-efficient windows, discusses the common avenues of heat loss in your home and what you can do to address them.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors account for roughly a quarter of all heat loss. The major reason is the gaps and cracks in these units, which may allow air to pass through.

To address this, inspect your windows and doors regularly, especially at the start of the season. If you find gaps in the joints, caulk them as soon as possible. For windows, find one with double- or triple-pane glass. You can also try to find windows with insulated trims and frames, like vinyl windows.


Even worse than windows and doors are walls. About 35 percent of the heat that bleeds from your home comes from the tiny gaps in your walls. This can happen simply by contact (as in conduction to the colder air outside), so it’s a good idea to insulate your walls.

Our insulated vinyl siding products can do the job. They have an insulating foam filler inside them, preventing heat from being conducted to the outside. As a result, you keep heat in and your heater doesn’t have to work too hard just to keep the winter bite at bay.

This season, our replacement windows can do so much for your home in terms of keeping the heat in. Call us at Woodbridge Home Exteriors at (316) 683-2400 to learn all about our steel entry doors. You can also fill out our contact form. We serve Topeka and Hutchinson, KS.


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