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The service life of windows is based on several factors, from the framing material to how well you maintain the windows. Certain bad habits, however, can shorten their life span and cause them to manifest signs of damage. Woodbridge Home Exteriors, the top source of replacement windows in the local area, takes a look at some of them and why you should never make the mistake of doing any of them.

Failure to Lock the Windows

Locked windows help keep the home’s energy efficiency in check. With this, they help keep heat out during the summer and keep it in during winter. The tight seal prevents drafts and acts as a buffer against outside noise. When left closed but not locked, moisture could find its way indoors, forming condensation on the glass. Mold and rot may appear soon after.

Carelessness in Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Window installers like us recommend protecting your windows whenever the home’s exterior siding is being washed. The pressure of the high-pressure hose, as well as the formula found in many cleaning solutions, can affect the window seal and cause its deterioration. Apart from energy loss and condensation, the warranty of the window may be voided because of it.

Leaving the Window Treatments Down

Leaving window drapes or curtains down during the winter will not cause condensation. However, leaving them so for a long time will trap moisture near the windows, restricting airflow. Mold will soon appear on the window frames, which, if left ignored, could result in rot. The only remedy for this problem is to replace the affected window with a new one.

At Woodbridge Home Exteriors, we are proud to offer our exclusive Woodbridge Classic line of replacement windows. These triple-paned, high-performance vinyl windows have energy-saving features to help minimize heat transfer, ensuring your home remains comfortable all year.

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