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Are you looking for sliding glass patio door ideas? Instead of replacing your patio doors with one that slides, you might consider French doors or folding doors (or bifold doors) instead. Here are some sliding glass door ideas that will change how you look at your living space.

Types of Patio Doors

We’re certainly fans of sliding patio doors. After all, they let in a lot of natural light, are energy efficient, and save space. However, consider your other options if you are replacing your home’s sliding doors.

Sliding glass doors

sliding glass deck door

Traditional sliding glass doors work great for many situations. Since they don’t swing open, they save space. And properly functioning sliding doors are extremely energy efficient. If you need a new patio door, consider searching for another sliding door. 

However, there are a lot of different styles of sliding patio doors to choose from now that will allow you to update your home’s style. 

For example, you might select French sliding glass doors with two sliding doors opening in opposite directions—or extra wide sliding patio doors to have greater access to your outdoor living area. 

You might also consider purchasing black sliding doors as a statement piece for your space. Some add windows on either side of their vinyl doors. You can pick curtains or blinds for the windows or go without window treatments for a seamless look.

French doors

French doors

Consider replacing your sliding glass patio door with a French door. You can still install a sliding screen so that you can leave your door open to let in the fresh air. And since both sides of the door open, you can have extra wide access inside your home. 

Of course, you can purchase French doors in various colors and styles, but you need to be mindful that this style of door swings open – so it’s not the perfect type of door for every situation. In addition, some homeowners add windows above or to the side of French doors to let in even more natural light.

Folding doors

sliding glass patio door ideas

You may consider folding doors if you have a fabulous view or an amazing outdoor living space. These can be customized to suit your needs. 

Consider Security, Energy Efficiency, and Quality When Selecting Patio Doors

When looking for home design tips, it’s easy to be drawn into photos of beautiful spaces with fantastic furnishings. After all, who wouldn’t want a house on the beach with a wall of folding doors opening up to a pool?

However, most must consider practicality when selecting new windows and doors. Are the doors secure, energy efficient, and made of quality materials? 

sliding glass door with grilles

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Are You Replacing Your Sliding Patio Doors? Here Are Things to Consider

There are a lot of benefits of sliding glass doors. They are secure, let in a lot of natural light, and are space savers.

French doors are great options too. They offer more privacy and allow you wide access to your home. 

Consider security, energy efficiency, and quality when selecting patio doors. 

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