inswing vs outswing patio doors

When it’s time to upgrade your patio doors, you’ll need to choose whether to install inswing or outswing patio doors. After all, a lot goes into selecting and installing the right new door for your space besides choosing the design.

A professional door installer is trained to look at the existing patio door and its surroundings. They will consider the weather patterns in the area and the size of the deck to help determine if a sliding glass door or a French door is a better option. Additionally, they will discuss the pros and cons of outswing and inswing doors.

Here are some things to consider when selecting the swing direction of your patio doors.

inswing vs outswing doors

Outswing Doors: Pros and Cons

Outswing patio doors are perfect for homeowners who want to maximize their indoor space. When the door swings to the outside, you can place furniture closer to the entrance without worrying that it will constantly bang into the table or couch each time it is opened. 

There are also benefits to installing outward swinging doors for homes in hurricane-prone areas (or areas with strong winds.) While hurricane-force winds can force open inswing patio doors, they will only push an outward swinging door more tightly against the frame. 

outswing patio doors vs inswing

When considering a door’s security, some builders argue that an outswinging door is less likely to be forced open by a strong kick. In addition, such doors are typically installed with non-removable hinge pins, so they cannot be removed by burglars trying to get inside the home.

Outswing doors also aren’t as susceptible to wind-driven rain leaks inside the home. However, there are some negative consequences of selecting an outswing patio door. 

If you have a small patio or deck, a door that swings outward may make it challenging to fit your furniture, grill, and cooler in your outdoor space during parties. 

An outswing patio door may also be concerning for those living in snow-prone areas since a pile of snow outside the door may trap you inside your home.

Inswing Doors: Pros and Cons

Indeed, the doors in most commercial buildings swing outward. Building codes require this to prevent people from pressing up against the patio doors and getting trapped during an emergency.

Even though outswing doors are required at malls and banks, you can select an inswing patio door for your home. Inswing doors are popular and easy to find, a huge benefit of choosing this type of patio door. 

inswing patio door

Regarding security, an inswing exterior door’s hinges are located inside the home. However, because the door can be pushed open, it’s imperative that you also install heavy-duty strike plates and deadbolt locks.

One of the cons of an inward swinging patio door is that because this door opens inside your home, it might bump into furniture placed nearby. 

Installing a Swinging Patio Door?

When you are ready to replace the exterior doors on your Texas home, schedule a consultation with Woodbridge Home Solutions. We will look at your situation to help you determine whether an inswing or outswing door is better for you.

Regardless of how your doors open, you will rest easy knowing that your door has a weather-tight seal and essential security features to keep you safe. Because little things make a big difference in the look and feel of your home, reach out to a company that pays attention to details – Woodbridge Home Solutions.

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