Outdoor cookouts are expected now that summer is in full swing. If you are in charge of grilling the food, see to it that your vinyl siding is protected. The heat coming from the grill might be too much for the vinyl surface to handle, causing it to melt. It can even cause a fire hazard in other instances. By heatproofing this vital component of your home, you ensure a safe, enjoyable dining experience with friends and family.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, your local siding installation contractor, shares tips to prevent your hot grill from melting the vinyl siding.

Relocate Your Grill

An ideal way to prevent your vinyl siding from melting is to place your grill as far from the side of your home as possible. Before scheduling your cookout, spend a few minutes looking around your yard for any other possible location for your grill. If your gas grill is the type you can’t move easily and it is near the siding, you’ll need to install a temporary shield between your equipment and the side of your home.

Invest in a Drywall

For your temporary shield, house siding repair pros recommend purchasing a 4”x8” panel of fireproof-rated drywall. Lean it securely against the side of your home between it and the gas grill. Keep the bottom part of the panel at least two feet from the siding to prevent it from falling. The day after the cookout, store it in a dry location indoors.

Combine Plywood and Ceramic Tiles

If you have time, consider this alternative option—purchase a panel of plywood with the same dimensions as the above drywall, some floor tiling glue, and ceramic tiles. Apply the glue to one side of the panel and then carefully place the tiles to cover the whole surface. Ceramic absorbs heat better than fire-rated drywall.

Woodbridge Home Solutions is one of the leading siding companies in the area. Our superior vinyl siding products are durable, aesthetically appealing, and energy-efficient. When you install it on your home, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase is protected because it is backed by a labor warranty and a manufacturer’s transferable lifetime warranty that even covers hail damage.

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