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Patio doors are useful. Not only are they entryways, but they also allow light into the room, bathing it in natural light. This expands your visual space, tricking the eye into seeing more space than there actually is.

That said, patio doors don’t live forever. This is why if you spot these signs in your patio door, your siding and patio door expert, Woodbridge Home Exteriors, suggests replacing it right away.

Door Getting Stuck

For sliding doors, “getting stuck” means the door won’t slide. The rollers may be damaged or the door itself may not be aligned with the track. For a hinged door, meanwhile, normal operations mean it should swing lightly and not squeal as you operate it.

Normal wear and tear can take a toll on your patio door, but the most likely culprit is the weather. If you’re in an area with high humidity or prone to rain, snow, or storms, this can damage your patio doors. Conversely, excessive exposure to the sun, especially if the patio door faces south, can be detrimental to its operation.

A Drafty Room

A drafty room means air is leaking into your patio doors. This suggests that the seals surrounding your patio door aren’t as airtight, which can lead to high energy bills and a room that gets either too hot (in summer) or too cold (in winter).

If you spot visible gaps, cracks, or seams in your patio doors, especially between the door or the frame, you should contact your patio door and storm window installation expert, Woodbridge Home Solutions.

Condensation on the Glass

Similar to the previous section, you might be leaking precious interior heat if you see condensation forming on the glass of your patio door. That, or extra humidity in the room, which is hardly better news. Condensation by itself is not bad, but if it does happen, you can ask your door manufacturer or contractor for advice.

For replacement windows and patio doors, Woodbridge Home Solutions is your reliable contractor. You can reach us by calling today at (316) 683-2400.

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