sticking sliding doors

Sliding patio doors impart a modern touch to your home, thanks to their sleek, narrow frame and expansive glass area. Apart from providing a wide view of the outdoor scenery, these fixtures bring enough sunlight to brighten your room. The problem is they collect dirt and grime over time. In addition to faulty rollers, this can make the sliding doors difficult to operate.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, one of the top door, window, and siding companies in the local area, shares some ways how to fix sticking patio doors.

Cleaning the Horizontal Track

The tracks of sliding doors accumulate dust, debris, and everything in between. Removing them takes numerous steps, starting with a vacuum cleaner to remove loose debris. Then, using an old toothbrush, scrub through the dirt that has been stuck, covering all corners. Use the vacuum again and wipe the tracks clean using a wet sponge. While doing so, open and close the sticking door a few times to loosen up the dirt.

Using Lubrication

Door, window, and siding installation pros recommend a silicone-based lubricant to ensure smooth operation for the sliding patio doors. Always move the doors back and forth immediately after spraying the lubricant to work throughout the tracks. This product is suitable since it helps the doors glide without attracting dirt and grime.

Adjusting the Rollers

Sliding patio doors often come with at least one hole at the top and bottom of the door. Covered with a plastic plug, these are used to adjust the height of the roller. To make the adjustments, remove the plug and tighten or loosen the roller height using a screwdriver. It may be a trial-and-error task, but you can adjust it as often as possible until you hit the right one for a smoother glide.

For your patio door needs, turn to Woodbridge Home Exteriors. They are designed for long-lasting performance, thanks to their heavy-duty vinyl frames, steel-reinforced door panels, and zinc-plated steel tandem rollers for a smooth, quiet glide. With new sliding patio doors, you provide your home with not just aesthetic value but enhanced security and energy efficiency.

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