Have you noticed the colder it gets outside, the harder it is to keep your house warm inside? Do you find yourself curling up under your favorite blanket for more warmth?

Many homeowners fight adjusting their thermostat because they don’t want to be surprised by huge utility bills. If your home has drafts, you may be paying substantially more in energy costs. If you can find the source of those drafts, you can reduce your utility bills and be more comfortable.

Tips for Detecting Air Leaks in Your Home

Here are the top four places to inspect as you look for the source of air drafts in your home.

  • Windows are a common place to discover air leaks. To determine if they are a source for drafts, you’ll need to visit each window in your home. Do you feel a breeze? You may notice the curtains or blinds swaying if there is a breeze outside.
  • Heat will also likely escape from the opening at the bottom of your exterior doors or through the door frames. Feel for air leaks in these locations and look for signs of daylight around the areas that should be sealed.
  • Inspect your home’s attic and eaves. You may not visit these areas very often, but they may be the sections of your home where most of the heat is lost.
  • Electrical outlets and lighting fixtures on exterior walls may be the source of drafts in the home. If you place your hand near them, you should be able to feel if there is a draft.

If you cannot feel a draft with your hands, you may consider carefully holding a candle around the window and door frames. As soon as the flame begins to flicker, you know you have a problem with drafts.

How to Fix the Air Leaks in Your Home

Have you discovered the problem areas in your home? There are some temporary solutions to air leaks and permanent ones. At Woodbridge Home Solutions, we provide effective solutions for managing drafts, including energy-efficient windows, doors, siding, and soffit and fascia. Solutions that work include:

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

It’s tempting to fix air leaks around windows using weather-stripping or caulking. It only takes a few minutes, and the drafts slow down considerably. However, caulking may cause other problems, such as the loss of operability of the windows. This temporary fix can cause you more problems. It’s better to go with energy-efficient replacement windows that function properly and keep out drafts.

Airtight Replacement Doors

You may notice drafts around your doors. It’s very common, especially around patio doors. Our replacement doors provide the energy efficiency needed for your comfort, but they also add an aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior.

Insulate Eaves and Overhangs

Adding insulation in the attic and eaves can reduce unwanted airflow. Our energy-efficient soffit and fascia protect your home’s eaves and overhangs while providing the layer of insulation you need. These high-quality materials are durable, provide longevity, and require very little maintenance.

Prevent Drafts in Your Home

Are you looking for a surefire way to eliminate drafts in your home? Contact Woodbridge Home Solutions. We offer energy-efficient replacement windows, insulated siding, and exterior patio doors in a rich array of finishes to accent your home beautifully.