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You may face your home renovation project with excitement and a little dread. You can minimize those concerns by selecting a top-notch window and door contractor for your project. The perfect contractor offers quality products and expert installation.

But how do you find a local company that is the best in this industry? Here are some tips for hiring the perfect contractor for your home’s exterior.

Overview of Hiring Window and Door Contractors

  • Consider your priorities when selecting a home exterior contractor.
  • Schedule consultations with several companies to get ideas and feedback.
  • Examine each bid in detail and pay attention to the fine print, including warranties.
  • Replace all windows for the same product & minimal disruption to your home.
  • Hire a professional installer to ensure the job meets manufacturer specifications.

How to Find the Best Window and Door Installation Company

You may have a simple project, such as replacing the storm doors on your home. Or maybe your project is a bit more complex, and you need new vinyl replacement windows throughout your home and a new sliding glass door.

Here’s how to find the right place for the job.

Consider your priorities.

Most companies will ask what bothers you the most about your current windows and doors. Take a moment to think about how you would answer that question.

You may be tired of paying astronomical heating and cooling bills and hope new windows will provide some relief. But, on the other hand, maybe your old sliding glass door is hard to open, dated, and hard to clean – and you are looking for a replacement patio door to improve the look of your space.

Find a contractor that will help you meet your renovation goals.

Schedule consultations with several companies.

Almost every company that installs windows and doors offers a free consultation with homeowners. Use this opportunity to pick their brains – after all, they are the experts.

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Share your expectations during the consultation, and ask for ideas that could make a big difference in the design and feel of the room. For example, a cramped room will feel bigger if you install a bay window.

And replacing several smaller windows with one large picture window will let in more natural light, which is known for being a mood enhancer. It’s helpful to talk with contractors and designers who can see your space with fresh eyes. 

Examine the bids.

When you reach out to the contractor you’re considering, describe your goal, and try to get a bid that’s as detailed as possible. For example, the proposal should include the cost of materials, labor costs, and approximate start and end dates for the project.

Also, pay attention to the fine print, including the warranties on the product and installation. 

One note about window replacement – there are benefits to replacing all of your old windows simultaneously. Getting new windows disrupts your home. Replacing all of your windows simultaneously is akin to ripping off a Band-Aid. Plus – it also ensures that the same window product will be available for your entire project. 

Hire a professional.

Installing windows and doors is not typically a DIY project. Instead, contact a professional in the industry to ensure that the installation job will meet the manufacturer’s specifications. 

You may have to pay more for quality products and services. However, you won’t regret prioritizing quality over savings.

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