Window Shutters

When designing and decorating a home, it’s important to pay attention to small details. Those details (i.e., window shutters) can turn a simple home into something fabulous. 

One of the details we would like you to consider when you purchase replacement windows for your home is the addition or alteration of exterior window shutters. 

Benefits of Installing Exterior Shutters

Before diving into the benefits of window shutters, let’s clarify one thing. Some people install window shutters only for cosmetic reasons. They tend to draw the eye to your home’s beautiful windows while they add an interesting architectural detail (or a pop of color.) 

However, if you have a coastal home, you might be interested in adding, replacing, or updating your shutters that close.

Shutters protect windows against strong winds, heavy rain, or hail. In addition, they block out sunlight, making it easier to sleep and keep your house cool during the day. Finally, shutters also provide privacy, as few other window treatments can.

Here are the different types of window shutters. 

window shutters exterior

Types of Exterior Window Shutters Styles

Before we describe the types of window shutters, it’s worth noting that you can buy shutters made from real wood, composite wood (faux wood), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), plastic, or other materials. 

Raised Panel

Raised panel shutters look like the door of a typical kitchen cabinet. Their simple design and low profile make them a good fit for most styles of homes.

Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters are built with angled slats that allow air and some light to pass through. Like the previous type, a louvered shutter is an excellent option for most styles of homes.

Board & Batten

This style of shutter features one to four boards held together by a cross panel called a batten. The batten can be placed horizontally or at an angle across the front of the wood boards. Batten shutters are reminiscent of the old world and often work well on homes with a rustic design. For example, you might see BnB shutters on French Country homes or cottages. 

Bahama Shutters 

Bahama shutters (or Bermuda shutters) are designed to keep bad weather from destroying windows in tropical areas. They have louvers in the design to let in a bit of daylight and a soft breeze when closed to keep out the blazing sun. 

Exterior Window Shutters Can Protect or Showcase Your Beautiful Replacement Windows

Do you have questions about what style of exterior shutters would work best for your home or building? Talk with a design expert at Woodbridge Home Solutions. Are you interested in making your home more energy efficient and secure? Woodbridge Home Solutions can also discuss what a huge difference replacement windows could make in your home. 

We proudly offer our exclusive Woodbridge Classic line of energy-efficient windows made in the USA. They feature triple-paned window glass, which can help keep the interior of your house at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather outside.