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You’ll be shocked at how different your home feels when you install a picture window in your living or dining room. However, there’s one drawback to this type of project. Large picture windows can’t open. Consider combination windows if you want improved air flow with your improved views.

What are combination windows?

Combination windows typically refer to a combination of a fixed window with operable windows. There are many different options when creating a combination window design. We’ll describe some of the most common options later.

What are the benefits of combination windows?

Your window combination is likely to come with many different benefits.

For example, you’ll enjoy an expansive view and more natural light from your large picture window. And since it can’t open, you won’t have to worry about drafts or reduced security.

However, when you pair a picture window with operable windows, you’ll add ventilation to the window design – allowing you to enjoy fresh air inside on perfect days. And even though these operable windows are smaller, having them will let in more light.

Beautiful window combinations can make a dramatic statement in your space – and elevate your home’s exterior design.

What are common types of window combinations?

Bay Window Combination: A bay window is a combination of windows that project out from the main walls of a home – forming a bay in a room. They can be designed to include multiple picture windows – or a picture window paired with operable windows.

The benefit of bay windows is that it increases the size of your indoor living space while giving you more expansive views of the outside.

Picture Window Combined with Casement Windows: A casement window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges at the side. Both of these window styles have thinner frames, offering unobstructed views.

Fixed Window Combined with Double Hung Windows: Double hung windows are great if you require a venting window – and they are easy to clean from the inside. Double hung windows in combination with a large fixed window may be the perfect solution for your home.

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Ribbon Windows: Ribbon window combinations are often seen in modern home design. They are usually fixed windows set side-by-side to form a continuous horizontal band. Look for unique combinations that include awning windows.

Window and Door Combinations: One of the best ways to improve your home’s exterior design is by adding fixed windows around your front door. Sidelights or transom windows will make your front door the center stage of your home design.

Of course, you may also consider adding different-sized picture windows and transom windows around your hinged patio door to create the look of a movable glass wall without increasing your energy usage.

What is the best window replacement company in Texas?

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Tips on How to Upgrade Your Picture Window

  • Like picture windows, fixed windows let in light and give you unobstructed views. However, they don’t increase ventilation.
  • Adding an operable window to your window combination design will give you the best of both worlds – and allow you to create a dramatic look you will love.
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