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Many Americans are choosing to renovate and remodel instead of selling their current homes and constructing a new one. If you have decided to stay put and turn your place into a showcase, consider upgrading your existing windows by adding a bay or bow window.

If you are like most people, you may not have thought about what a dramatic difference a window opening could make on the feel of your home. However, changing an existing window’s size, shape, or style can make a huge difference.

What is a Bay Window?

Bay and bow windows are created by combining three or more windows so that they angle out beyond the wall of the house.

How can bay windows alter your house for the better? Here are reasons you should consider installing one in your home.

How Bay Windows Can Improve the Look of Your Home

Do you have a difficult time envisioning home renovation projects? Let us help. Here’s what you can expect from changing your ordinary window into a bay window.

You’ll enjoy more natural light in your space.

Since a bay window is set in three different angles, you can enjoy natural sunlight most of the day. Recent articles link the sun to both mental and physical well-being. You will be able to rely on the sun’s natural energy for light and heat. Plus, your plants will love it!

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Of course, if you are trying to cool your home during the summer, a dramatic window treatment or curtains will make your home cooler as it shades the sun.

A bay window will make your room feel larger.

Are you frustrated by the size of your master bedroom and are tempted to use a circular saw to cut through the wall into the bedroom next door? Instead, think about how your bedroom (or dining room or office) would feel with a protruding box bay window? Box windows can increase the amount of floor space, and you can use them for additional seating or as a place to display your Christmas tree. 

A new window may give your room the WOW factor you were trying to achieve.

Do you have an interior space in your house that is difficult to decorate? Have you tried to change the window treatments to let in additional light? Consider having a bay window installed. More light can have a dramatic effect – especially in a small room. And replacing a small, old window frame with a bay window frame will give your room the focal point it needs.

Hire a Home Improvement Expert to Install Your Bay or Bow Window

While installing a larger window will dramatically affect your home, (while improving its value!) carefully consider the company you hire for the job. This project is not like replacing other windows. In fact, be prepared for a higher fitting cost because there may need to be changes made to the wall’s structure. But, again, this needs to be done by a construction expert, not with the help of your brother-in-law and a YouTube video.


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When you are ready to add a bay or picture window to your home, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions. Of course, we are window experts and can show you plenty of options for the frames, sill, and panes. But we also know the other side of the business since we also hang siding and exterior trim.

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