A patio door isn’t simply a passage between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. This addition can boost the property value of your home. It can bring more natural light to your interior and even reduce your energy costs. However, time will come that you’ll need to get a new one. 

Trusted door and window installers share signs you need to replace your patio door. 

Difficult Operation

Warping can make your patio door hard to open and close. Doors that stick, are noisy and require effort when opening and closing may be reaching the end of their life. To make sure if you need a new unit, have your existing one inspected by a door contractor. 


Inefficient patio doors will allow drafts into your home. Damaged or deteriorating patio doors don’t have enough weatherstripping, contributing to hot and cold spots. They will make your indoor space harder to cool, resulting in higher energy costs. When it’s time to get a new patio door, make sure to hire a skilled contractor like Woodbridge Home Exteriors. We only install high-quality replacement windows and doors. 

Water Damage

The seal around your patio door can start to wear as it ages. Increased humidity or moisture levels indoors as well as water dripping down the wall or puddles on the floor indicate that you need a new patio door. 

Fog Between the Panes

Condensation buildup inside the glass of your patio door is a sign that the seal has been compromised. An inefficient seal will allow air and moisture to enter between the panes. It also means that the glass is not providing effective insulation. If this is the issue with your door, you should consider the entire unit to prevent further energy loss. 

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