triple pane storm windows

Increased weather resistance is one of the key benefits of window replacement, but not all units perform equally. If you want to keep the elements at bay during violent storms, made-to-order vinyl windows with triple glazing are a smart investment.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors talks about why you should strongly consider triple-pane units for your storm window installation:

Triple Pane Vinyl Windows Resist Strong Winds

Windows reinforced with three layers of sturdy glass make a robust barrier to harsh weather. Their wind resistance is off the charts, withstanding the power of sustained gales. When properly installed and locked in place, they can protect everything you love from menacing hurricanes.

They Are Immune to Moisture

Like vinyl siding panels, Woodbridge Home Solutions guarantees that vinyl windows aren’t susceptible to the corrosive effects of water. Other materials can’t claim the same. Painted wood remains vulnerable to moisture because of its surface coating as a sacrificial skin of defense. Eventually, the finish chips off, leaving the substrate exposed to water.

Vinyl is different since it doesn’t need paint to stand up to inclement weather. In fact, its color permeates into its core, eliminating chipping and flaking.

They Match the Size of the Openings

Compared to stock products, made-to-order windows deliver superior protection against Nature. As they’re manufactured to the exact specifications of your home, the odds of air leakage are low. They keep the gaps between them and the wall openings to a minimum, which in turn decreases the use of sealant.

When all is said and done, the strength of triple glass and the moisture resistance of vinyl framing, give made-to-order replacement windows exceptional storm-proofing potential. Turn to Woodbridge Home Solutions to take advantage of other high-quality building solutions to elevate your home’s defense against Nature. Call us at (316) 226-8011 to discuss your home improvement needs, and get an honest estimate in Salina, Wichita, or Topeka, KS.


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