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Do some research before seeking quotes for window replacement. This will help you compare “apples to apples” when choosing a company for your project. Here are some factors to consider before asking for a quote from a window company for double-hung windows. 

What to Consider Before Getting a Window Replacement Quote

  • Vinyl windows are affordable, energy efficient, and require little maintenance.
  • If it’s time for new windows, search for a company that offers vinyl replacement windows.
  • Consider changing the type or size of the window when completing replacement projects.
  • Make sure you know what type of installation you need – a full-frame or retrofit replacement.
  • Examine the quote for other details regarding installation – such as the timeline for your project.
  • Consider other factors besides the project’s total cost when selecting a window replacement company.

Replacement Windows Material 

Windows are made with many different materials. Options include aluminum windows, fiberglass windows, or wood windows. Of course, one popular option is the vinyl replacement window.

Vinyl replacement windows are known for the following characteristics:

Lower Energy Costs

An expertly installed quality vinyl window can lower energy costs by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. 

replacement windows

Low Maintenance

Another outstanding characteristic of vinyl windows is that they never have to be painted or stained. In addition, they don’t scratch easily and are resistant to elements. 


Vinyl is the most affordable window material. In addition, new vinyl windows will increase the value of your home. 

So, before you reach out to a window company for a quote, it may be helpful if you select the window materials – and you can’t go wrong with vinyl.

Window Types (Double hung windows, casement windows, bay and bow windows, etc.)

Before you get a quote for new windows, consider replacing the window type with one that is better suited for that location. 

At a minimum, consider replacing your single-hung windows with easier-to-clean and access double-hung windows. Then, consider replacing hard-to-access windows with an easy-to-use casement window

double hung windows

Also, add interesting architectural detail to your home by replacing picture windows with a bay window or bow window. Finally, consider increasing the size of your current windows if you want more light in your home.

Details About the Installation

When selecting a window replacement company, you must understand what is covered in the labor and installation costs.

Will you be receiving a full frame replacement or a retrofit replacement? Retrofit installations are fine for homes with no signs of moisture damage or rotting – make sure you understand what type of window replacement you need to receive the correct quote. 

Will the window company discard your old windows? Is this included in the price of the installation?

Are trim and sealants included in the cost of the materials? Will your new windows be appropriately sealed and caulked as a part of the installation process?

Finally, if you plan to replace your windows to make your home more marketable and increase curb appeal, you may want the project completed quickly. Ask the window replacement company about their schedule. 


Of course, many homeowners carefully consider the cost per window when selecting a window replacement company. But as you can see, there are several other factors to consider (other than overall cost) when choosing a company for a window replacement project. 

Research the Window Replacement Company

Your windows will only perform well if they are properly installed. While getting multiple quotes for home remodeling projects is a good idea, research each company. Seek recommendations from friends and neighbors and read customer reviews. 

We Always Use Quality Materials and Only Hire Expert Window Installers

Whether you need to replace a double-hung window or are searching for a company to complete window replacements throughout your home, contact Woodbridge Home Solutions. We offer quality products and expert window installation for a fair price. 

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