specialty window backsplash

Changing up your backsplash is one of the most innovative projects you can do to reinvent your kitchen space. One design that is well-loved by homeowners is using a specialty window as a backsplash. It can instantly elevate the style of your kitchen and allow more natural light into the room. A window backsplash can make your kitchen feel brighter and more open, which can be a huge plus if you want the space to feel and look bigger.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, a reputable provider of specialty and double-hung replacement windows, shares some tips on using a window as a backsplash.


A frosted window is ideal for homeowners who want to maintain a certain level of privacy in the kitchen. Many window manufacturers offer this type of glass, so it won’t be difficult to get hold of this type of window.

Extended Height

A traditional backsplash usually measures 18 inches high. However, don’t let this standard measurement restrict you. You can opt for a window larger than this if you want more sunlight in your kitchen. Just note that this would cause your cabinets to be moved higher too.


Windows are typically fixed or do not open when installed as a backsplash. But you can still ask your window company for an operable window so that you can open and close it whenever you need more ventilation.

Wall to Wall

This is often well suited for small kitchen spaces since a window that runs from one wall to another can add light and create a sense of space. 

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