Casings are the moldings around the window frames. On the outside, their function is to seal the window frame to your home and block cold air from entering the interior. Inside, casings are the finishing touch to a window installation.

In this post, Woodbridge Home Solutions, a trusted provider of energy-efficient replacement windows, discusses the most common types of casings. 


Modern casings are typically clean, and they match the color of the wood or the rest of the window. They mainly blend in rather than stand out.


Traditional casings have a simple style and generally go well with older homes. Laying flat against the exterior and interior walls, these casings can be made of a single layer of wood or composite material.

High Profile

High-profile casings usually offer the most options. You can have them installed above the window or around the entire window. You can also opt for plastic or composite materials, which are ready-made and designed with the look of layered moldings.

Low Profile

Low-profile casings are more practical than decorative. They typically lay flat against the interior walls to add a finished look and visually tie replacement home windows to your house’s aesthetic and design.


Complete casings surround all four sides of your window, and they can be a simple layer of molding or multiple layers that trim out your window. Due to their design, complete casings tend to be more appealing. Furthermore, interior trims typically match or complement the interior moldings of your home.

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