Matching styles is a common concern of homeowners who are installing replacement windows. Getting windows of the same style can create a unified look in your home. However, is it really necessary for you to get ones of the same type?

Read on to find out whether all your windows should match or not.

Should All Your Windows Match?

You can make a good first impression on your guests through the front of your house. This part of your home says a lot about you and your style. Some prefer a more traditional symmetrical approach, while others like to mix and match different styles.

It’s not necessary to match all the windows in your home. You can add bigger windows in your home by making them their own wall and ensuring that the trim and muntins are the same as the rest of your home. This way, you can have more oversized windows without sacrificing the integrity of your home’s architecture.

Window Placement Tips

What looks well outside your home may not be ideal for indoor comfort. When it comes to window placement, you should also consider the function of each room and your house’s orientation to the sun and wind.

For example, east- and west-facing windows receive very little sunlight during spring and fall, making watching TV difficult. Consider getting curtains and shades for these windows, or locate the sill at least four inches from the floor to minimize glare.

Determine which direction the prevailing wind blows and increase the number of operable windows in that part of your home to improve passive ventilation and reduce energy costs.

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