Much like any other part of your home, the right bathroom windows for you are those that address your needs exactly. It’s a good idea to take stock first of what your requirements are. Once you have a clear idea of your needs, you can start the selection process by taking a few things to consider.

Natural Light

If you have a smaller bathroom, letting in as much natural light as you can is a great way to make the room feel and look more spacious. Typically, this would mean favoring bigger windows. However, even small windows can work great, especially when complemented by other bathroom components that support daylighting.

Fixed or Operable?

While you want the utmost privacy in your bathroom, it still has to have at least one window to keep humidity down. This will let you naturally ventilate your bathroom, preventing moisture buildup that leads not only to damage but mold growth as well. For this reason, your new windows have to be operable, meaning it can be opened and closed as needed. 


Opting for multiple windows that are small in size is a great way to let in light and enjoy natural ventilation while still making sure your bathroom is kept private at all times. You can also go for windows with privacy glass to further ensure that views into your bathroom are obscured.

Need help choosing a bathroom window?

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