benefits of vinyl siding

Vinyl siding was intended to answer the many disadvantages of its predecessor, wood siding. It offers high durability and resistance to wooden siding boards’ most common problems. This has skyrocketed its use to the level of popularity it has now. Today, vinyl remains one of the best choices for exterior renovators and homeowners alike.

Aside from its durability, modern vinyl siding products have gained several other advantages. Let our experts at Woodbridge Home Solutions show you the benefits you can expect from this strong and versatile material.

Better Energy Efficiency

Wood has maintained its position as an energy-efficient material for windows and siding boards. However, newer vinyl siding models have steadily closed the gap in recent years. Today, some of the best and highest-rated vinyl siding can hold a candle to the insulation and energy efficiency of wood and other siding materials.


Many vinyl siding products are tested to meet the rigorous requirements of rating standards. This means that vinyl is typically designed to resist strong winds up to 110 mph, weather the color-fading effects of prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rains, and even withstand impact forces from hail storms.

Water Protection

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a vinyl siding installation lies in its ability to protect your home against all sorts of water-related problems. Unlike wood, vinyl is non-porous, which makes it a prime material for waterproof exteriors.

Even fiberglass, which has high durability ratings, can be prone to water penetration and disintegration when exposed long enough to standing water. Vinyl possesses none of these drawbacks, making it an attractive option for homes in areas with high rainfall.

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