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Bay windows are perfect if you want to add dramatic flair to your home’s curb appeal. However, installing bay windows is a major home improvement decision (not to mention investment) that needs to be considered carefully.

In this article, exterior doors and replacement windows company Woodbridge Home Exteriors discusses the four factors you should consider so you can build the bay windows of your dreams.

Size Matters

On the one hand, it will cost less to install bay windows that are the same size or smaller than your current windows. A larger window will command more attention and is more visually arresting. Either way, most window contractors can customize your windows according to your specific size requirements.

Sash Style

Casement sash works better for narrower bay windows, while double-hung configurations fit broader bay windows better. The center window is usually a picture window, but you can choose to fit it with an operable sash style.

Support System

Bay windows require support, either from below using braces or from above-using support cables. Support cables are more subtle, but not all manufacturers offer them. 


Since bay windows are usually tucked beneath an eave, measurements need to be taken to ensure a proper fit. If there are no eaves, or if a bay window is installed in the middle of the wall, a small roof must be built right above it. The overhanging small roof is what gives most of the bay windows that iconic look.

Bay windows can transform your home from humdrum to awesome. Just be sure to work with a contractor that specializes in bay window installation, since it can be a tricky and complex process. 

Let Woodbridge Home Exteriors be your window installation expert. We specialize in exterior solutions and offer products such as patio doors. Call us today at (800) 728-3502 to request a quote. We serve Arlington and Dallas, TX.


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