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You may have heard the words “soffit” and “fascia” whenever dealing with a roof problem. These are roofing components that, despite being unfamiliar to many homeowners, are essential to any sloped roofing system.

Today, Woodbridge Home Solutions, your local source of replacement windows and siding, explains why damage to these two is worth looking into.

About the Soffit and the Fascia

To better understand what causes the soffit and fascia to get damaged, we must take a closer look at each component and the play its roles in your home. The soffit connects the roof overhang and the siding, acting as a skin that covers your eaves and protects the inner roofing structure from moisture. One of its primary functions is to provide adequate attic ventilation. The soffit has small perforations to encourage air circulation to help draw heat and moisture away from the attic.

The fascia is the band or strip of material that runs horizontally and covers the exposed ends of the roof rafters or trusses. In addition to boosting the roofing system’s aesthetics, the fascia also serves numerous functions. It is used to secure the gutters to the roof and keep them in place, stop water from penetrating the roof deck and into the attic or inside of your home, and prevent insects, birds, and other critters from entering your home.

The Effects of Soffit and Fascia Damage

Any siding and window installer will agree that wood soffit and fascia are vulnerable to moisture damage. Prolonged weather exposure can lead to wet or dry rot, crumbling, or warping. Low-quality vinyl soffit and fascia may show cracks or gaps resulting from physical damage or temperature fluctuations.

Apart from impaired aesthetics, damaged soffit and fascia can retain moisture, leading to mold and mildew spreading. Worn-out fascia boards can no longer hold the gutter fasteners in place, causing the gutter system to come loose and eventually detach from the roof.

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To prevent potential problems you might encounter regarding your soffit and fascia, be sure to work with a reliable exterior home improvement contractor. At Woodbridge Home Solutions, we believe in only using top-quality vinyl soffit and fascia.

Our products have impact-resistant vinyl resin that resists denting, making them a durable choice over wood or metal. You can count on us to install vinyl replacement windows as well. Call or fill out our contact form to request an estimate and get started.

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