dry rot fascia board

Fascia doesn’t get as much attention as the roof and gutters, but they are essential in protecting your attic from harsh elements. They also help support the gutter system of your home. However, this exterior component can be prone to water damage since it’s located below the roof and is affixed to the gutters. 

A trusted provider of replacement storm windows shares what causes the fascia to rot and what you can do about this problem. 

Causes of Fascia Rot

The most common reasons for fascia rots are improper installation of drip edges and gutters, which are both meant to direct water away from your home. This issue can indicate water buildup in other parts of the house. The fascia may absorb water from heavy rains, but water will continue to make its way to the base of your home. 

See your basement or crawlspace for water accumulation. It can mean that the building materials under the fascia can be damaged. For this problem, you may need to contact a professional to determine if your home requires repairs. However, the damage is beyond repair in some cases, and a replacement is necessary.

What You Can Do

Once you’ve noticed issues with the fascia, check the soffits for damage. Usually, soffits and fascia both suffer from water accumulation. For your safety, it’s best to leave repairs and replacements to professionals.

Like any other component of your home, the best way to preserve and extend the life of your fascia is through regular maintenance. Make sure to have your gutters cleaned routinely to prevent water buildup around the edges of your roof. 

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