Siding Installer Questions

Hiring a siding installer to update your home’s exterior is a long-term investment that will be with you for the long haul. Siding is much like the permanent outfit your home wears. It affects the overall look and feel of your abode.

Most passersby will only see its exterior. Give the right impression. Be informed before committing to your siding project by asking our top 15 questions.

What siding brands do you use?

Find out which brands are available and how they perform. Manufacturers usually offer a product warranty. Compare the offerings to get the best choice for your taste and budget. Scope out the brand’s reputation by taking a look at the customer reviews. Product galleries are also a way to get some ideas for your own vinyl siding replacement project.

What materials do you offer? What are the pros and cons?

Leave preconceived notions behind. Get a professional opinion from more than one siding installer about which materials offer the best durability and performance on the market today. The smart buyer is an informed buyer.

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What colors and style options does the siding come in? Do you have any visualization tools available?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing gives you a better idea of how the vinyl siding will look (before it’s actually installed) than seeing a mockup. Compare options to find the right fit. We offer a project visualizer that allows you to try on sample houses or you can submit your own home.

Do you have a portfolio of your past work that I can see?

As mentioned above, seeing is believing. Vet your potential siding installer by letting their work speak for itself. Get more inspiration by seeing recent work and what’s trending.

What’s the R-value? Do you offer additional insulation options?

Siding receives an R-value for the thermal radiance of its insulation. The higher value the rating, the more insulation the siding provides. If the rating is below par, siding projects can offer the opportunity to boost your home’s insulative performance by pumping foam insulation into the exterior walls, for instance. Consult your local siding installers for recommendations.

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Are you a licensed installer with insurance and liability/worker’s compensation?

A licensed installer will be up to date on local codes and requirements for your area. They will also know what building permits are required. Make sure you know who is responsible for obtaining any permits you may need in advance.

If your siding installer does not have liability insurance or worker’s compensation, the responsibility falls on the property owner. That means you! Onsite mishaps could cost you dearly so make sure you’re covered or prepared to foot any bills. Construction work tends to be rife with accident-prone scenarios.

How long will it take to install my siding?

Don’t get stuck in grey areas and verbal quotes. Ask your home siding installer if they can provide the average time it’s taken them to do a similar siding project. Better yet, get a visual timeline of what to expect when. Take into consideration seasonal weather influences and unforeseen circumstances that may delay the project.

Do you provide a labor warranty in addition to the manufacturer warranty?

While most home remodeling companies offer a manufacturer’s warranty, some installation companies provide an additional warranty on workmanship.

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Can you provide an itemized list of the estimated costs?

Be aware of all the costs upfront. There may be other fees to consider besides materials and labor. Often, homeowners update the soffits and fascia while the siding is installed. If you’re interested in doing the same, go over the additional cost and timeline.

What are the payment terms?

Clarify what is expected in advance. Does the siding installation company require full payment upon completion? If you need to split up payments, ask if it’s possible to split up payments. If you choose a payment plan, is there an additional interest charge?

Does the installation include returning exterior fixtures to their previous location?

Any exterior decor will be taken down if it impedes the siding installation. Clarify who is responsible for restoring them to their original state. Spelling it out in advance ensures that it’s in the plan instead of a last-minute hassle. If you want to upgrade your exterior decor to match your new exterior siding, the team might even install new fixtures if you ask nicely.

Who will be onsite for the installation? Who is the lead?

Know how many people are on your install team so you are appropriately prepared. You can also let your neighbors know what to expect in advance.

Connect with the team lead or point of contact for your project when they first arrive. They will be your key resource from start to finish. Get their name and contact information in case of emergency. Go over all the details before installation begins.

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How should I prepare my home for the installation?

At a bare minimum, the crew wants a safe and easy installation. Clean, clear pathways to and from the worksite are a must. Often teams have their own way of doing things. Find out what they need from you and what to expect from them ahead of time so everything is prepared upon arrival.

Who is responsible for waste removal upon completion?

There can be a lot of waste compiled over the course of vinyl siding installations. It’s only fair for the siding contractor to remove anything onsite that wasn’t there upon arrival. Walk the construction site with the team lead before and after the installation to make sure everything is as it should be. Take care of quality control before the team leaves as it is much easier to handle problems and damaged siding on-site when they’re in front of mind.

Do you have any tips for ongoing maintenance and cleaning of siding?

The key to extending the life of your home’s exterior is proper siding maintenance and cleaning. Siding installation professionals are a great source for how often and what materials to use on your home’s siding.

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