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Depending on how many houses you own in your life, you may only complete one vinyl siding project. So, when it’s time for siding installation, you’ll want answers to important questions that can impact your home for years.

We’re sure you have many questions, including “what’s the average time to install vinyl siding?” and “can vinyl siding be installed directly over my existing siding?” In this guide, we’ll answer all of those vinyl siding questions and more.

Vinyl Siding Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to your siding installation questions.

What’s the average time to install vinyl siding?

How long does it take? On average, plan five to seven days for a vinyl siding replacement job.

Factors that will affect the project timeline.

  • Size of your home (overall square footage)
  • Number of stories
  • The grading around the home
  • Bad weather 
  • Number of trimmed openings
  • How much sheathing repair is needed

We know your daily routine may be interrupted during your exterior siding replacement project. However, don’t select a company that promises speedy installation. They may be skipping essential steps that will cause problems in the future.

How does the cost of vinyl siding replacement compare to the added resale value it provides?

This report shows that in the West South-Central region of the U.S., your home’s value will increase by up to 67.2% of the cost of new siding installation. We’re not surprised by this data, as vinyl siding can undoubtedly improve a home’s curb appeal. 

Can vinyl siding be installed directly over my existing siding?

You can install vinyl siding over existing siding as long as it is fastened tightly to the wall sheathing or studs and doesn’t have any mold. Your siding contractor will look at your old siding to see how much wall preparation work is needed. 

average time to install vinyl siding

Will I need to replace the house wrap when I replace the siding?

Homeowners typically replace the house wrap when they get new vinyl siding installed. However, sometimes the new house wrap is installed over the old one. 

(A house wrap provides a weather-resistant barrier around your home’s exterior. It protects your home from water damage and reduces drafts.)

What is siding caulk?

Siding caulk often comes in either latex (also called painter’s caulk) or silicone types. These days, however, you’d find several brands that use a combination of both to cover each one’s weaknesses. These are often called siliconized latex, which offers the ease of using latex with silicone’s durability. In general, latex is easier to apply than silicone and can be cleaned easily. Latex is also best used for constant gaps, but silicone is much better for gaps in vinyl siding that expand or contract.

Do you caulk vinyl siding?

You would normally use caulk to seal your siding panels and prevent storm damage, such as from wind, hail, and water moisture. Water-prone areas of a typical siding installation include the corners, joints, and where they meet window and door trims. Still, a good rule of thumb is to mind where not to use, not where you should. improper vinyl siding caulking may damage your home’s exterior.

How do I select a siding contractor?

Not all siding professionals are the same. Look for a company that has a lot of experience in siding installations and a company with a good reputation in your community. Also, ask about the warranty you’ll receive on the siding and installation.

Key Takeaways About Replacing Vinyl Siding:

  • The amount of time needed for your siding installation job depends on many factors.
  • Don’t select a siding company because they can get the job done quickly. The quality of the project may be affected by a speedy installation.
  • A vinyl siding replacement project will increase the value of your home.
  • Your siding company may need to do repair work before installing new siding over the top of the existing siding.
  • Select a siding company based on their length of time in the business and reputation. Also, ask about the product and labor warranties.

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