home siding storm damage

Homeowner insurance is a great thing to have because it can provide a safeguard should anything happen and damage your property. However, does it cover all kinds of damage? Does it cover storm-damaged siding? 

The answer is yes. As long as you incurred damage due to reasons stipulated under the terms of your homeowner insurance policy, storm-damaged siding should be covered.

Matching Siding Insurance

While damage to siding and patio doors caused by a storm will be covered by your insurance, restoring your home to its former glory is not as clear-cut as it seems. This is because, even when extensive, wind and hail damage may not affect your entire home.

Your insurance company will pay to replace your siding, but only the damaged sections. This will result in a mismatch in your siding, with new and old siding both in place. Insurance companies devised a solution to this problem by matching siding insurance.

hail damage siding

With matching siding insurance, your insurance company will pay to have your storm-damaged siding replaced and reimburse a certain portion of the costs involved in a complete replacement, should you decide to do it. With matching siding insurance, you are assured that your damaged siding will be replaced and that your siding matches your exterior doors and throughout your home. 

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