Siding is essential not only to the appeal of your home but also for its protection against harsh weather and elements. However, like any component of your house, it can be damaged or may need replacement. Remember that you shouldn’t delay its repair or replacement to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Read on to determine whether your siding should be repaired or replaced.

When to Repair Your Siding

When your home has missing sections of siding, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace the entire thing. You can hire a professional for exterior siding repair if the damage is not extensive. Contact a pro for repairs if you see signs of rot or mold. However, you must ensure that all mold growth has been removed, or the problem will recur. Lose siding panels, and minor holes, dents, chips, and cracks can also be repaired.

When to Replace Your Siding 

Sometimes, your best option is to get a new siding installed. In the long run, waiting to replace deteriorated siding can cost you more. When it’s time to get new siding, hire a skilled contractor who offers quality products. We only install quality replacement windows and siding from leading manufacturers at Woodbridge Home Solutions.

If your siding requires too much maintenance, you should consider getting a new one. Bubbles underneath the surface of your siding indicate that water is trapped under or on the material itself. Another sign that you need a siding replacement is dry rot. You must address this problem immediately to prevent further home damage.

Turn to Woodbridge Home Solutions for your replacement project. Whether you need vinyl siding in Wichita, Kansas, or a small town in Texas, our home improvement company is ready to serve you. Contact one of our experts today to schedule a free in-home consultation to discuss your exterior siding.

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