insulated siding maintenance

Vinyl siding is beautiful and durable. It can also be easier to care for than wood, it requires very little attention over the years. However, you should still invest in some basic maintenance to keep it looking fantastic and prolong the service life of your beautiful new vinyl. Follow this maintenance schedule to keep your house looking fresh and preserve the integrity of your siding.

Avoid Problems

Siding that is neglected can start to fall apart. Without regular cleaning, dirt can build up on the siding and make it look dingy. Panels that are loose and require a small amount of repair can tear off in a storm and leave you facing a much larger issue. Small holes in the siding go unnoticed when the house is never cleaned. Those small holes can also lead to larger tears, becoming an entry point for pests. Fortunately, you can avoid all of these problems with some regular maintenance.

Maintenance Timeline

Ideally, vinyl siding should be cleaned annually. Dip a soft brush in a mild soap solution and scrub over stubborn stains. Use fresh water to rinse the siding and leave it looking like new.

After the siding is cleaned and looks new, you are ready to inspect it. Look at every wall for tears, cracks, or holes and have a professional team replace those pieces of siding. Check all seams and joints between the siding and adjacent trim to ensure the caulk is still flexible and intact.

Maintaining your siding will help you avoid problems, make prompt repairs, and prolong the life of your siding. The annual maintenance involves cleaning the siding. This is also the ideal time to find damage and have it repaired. Avoid damaging your siding while cleaning it by using low water pressure and standing on scaffolding to reach higher areas. If you have any questions about insulated siding, contact Woodbridge today to see how they can help you.

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