cleaning vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is generally easy to maintain. It doesn’t take up too much time or money, so keeping it in tiptop shape is actually doable, especially for ordinary homeowners.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, one of the top siding companies in the area, shares some tips on how to properly care for your vinyl siding.

How to Wash Vinyl Siding

To clean your vinyl siding, you can use either a soft cloth or a long-handled, soft-bristled brush. A soft-bristled brush, however, could be more ideal for textured surfaces where there are hard-to-reach grooves. Experts recommend starting at the bottom of the siding. Work your way up and rinse the cleaning solution before it dries on the surface.

You can also opt to use a power washer, but make sure to follow the washer instructions to avoid damage. Surely, a siding repair is the last thing you need. Furthermore, never use undiluted chlorine bleach, organic solvents, or liquid grease remover when cleaning your vinyl siding.

Removing Mold and Mildew

Small spots where mold and mildew are present can be handled using commercial cleaners. For larger areas, you can use a solution of 30%% vinegar and 70% water. You can also have professional take care of this for you so as to ensure a thorough job.

How to Prevent Discoloration

To prevent the discoloration of your vinyl siding, make sure to properly cover it when using stains, sealants, and wet concrete. Also, be careful when insecticides and herbicides as these can potentially stain your vinyl siding.

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