window replacement scams

Replacing your windows requires an investment from you. That’s why you have to take your time considering your options and finding the best deal. In this article, trusted window contractor Woodbridge Home Solutions lists three scams you should watch out for when buying replacement windows.

Buy Now — Price Is Only Good for Today

Consider it a red flag when a salesperson tells you that the price is only good for that day. This is usually just a ploy to pressure customers into buying their products right then and there. Remember that if a business can afford to give you that deal on that day, they can offer it to you any other day. Also, a good company will give you enough time to think about your options and make a well-informed decision.

Deals and Discounts Promising Huge Savings

Salespeople use a variety of wordings and phrasings to make their deals sound better than they are. But when you look closer, those discounts that boast of giving you huge savings may not be doing that. If you’re offered “neighborhood discounts,” “free window installer fees,” and other such deals, ask for the fine print and get the regular prices of the products and services they’re offering. Thoroughly check the details because you may end up paying more.

Buy Some, Get Some Free

Various businesses commonly offer this type of promo, so you might not think it could be a scam. Be careful because companies will offer, for example, one free window for every three windows you buy. But when you look at the total cost, it’s the same as purchasing four regular-priced windows.

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