matching patio doors and windows

Windows and doors help in protecting your home from harsh weather and the elements. They can also boost its curb appeal and give it more personality. Choosing the right windows and doors mean energy savings and higher overall property value. One of the most common questions when selecting these components is whether they need to match. Discover if windows and doors should match from a trusted home improvement expert.

Should Windows and Exterior Doors Match?

You can choose to match your windows and doors, but they don’t necessarily have to. As long as they complement each other, it shouldn’t be an issue if your windows and doors don’t match. Selecting these parts of your home is a matter of preference.

Matching Window and Door Styles to Your Home

Craftsman –  Low-pitched roofs, porches with thick square columns, and exposed beams characterize the Craftsman style. These homes also usually have stained glass windows. Doors for these homes are commonly made from solid wood with decorative glass or a divided-light window on top.

Contemporary – Clean lines, asymmetrical designs, flat roofs with multilevel rooflines, and simple windows dominate contemporary homes. Window styles that work well in this homestyle include stationary, casement, and vinyl sliding windows. Exterior doors in contemporary homes are typically sleek and have lever handle hardware in modern metallic finishes.

Traditional – The common materials you’ll see in traditional homes include brick, stone, and stucco. If you have a traditional home, consider choosing double-hung windows with two window sashes within a single frame for a clean, classic look. Wood and fiberglass entry doors with wood stain finishes are great for these homes.

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