horizontal vs vertical siding

When you want to remodel your home, one of the first things you’ll do is tear off the old siding and install a new one. However, you may find articles on the internet detailing which looks better: siding installed horizontally or vertically?

These orientations are known as siding profiles. In today’s post, your exterior siding contractor, Woodbridge Home Exteriors, explains each, what home (and design style) suits these profiles best, and other considerations regarding siding profiles.

Horizontal Siding or Vertical Siding?

The design and architecture of your home play a large role in whether horizontal or vertical siding makes much more sense. For example, American Craftsman, Colonial, or Cape Cod-style homes can utilize horizontal siding because it forms a core part of its identity.

Meanwhile, vertical siding is often used for squat homes that are wider than they are taller, such as ranch or bungalow homes. It creates the illusion of height by drawing the eye upwards. A home paneled in vertical siding and colored in neutrals also evokes a feeling of grandeur.

Profile Size Matters

However, the orientation of your siding panels is just half of the story. According to most siding repair experts, the width of these panels can also influence how well the profile brings out the beauty of your home’s architecture.

The wider the profile, the “bigger” it looks. A Colonial home, for example, may use a combination of beaded, horizontal siding to make a play on visuals, enhancing its facade. On the other hand, narrower profiles create more shadows, which can create height even on the horizontal siding.

Get Started With Your Siding Project

Whatever the case, your siding profile should match your design and aesthetics. And if you’re looking for a professional to help you guide your siding purchase decisions, there are no better home siding contractors to hire than Woodbridge Home Solutions. 

We’re one of the leading siding companies in Lubbock, TX, with over three decades of experience repairing home exteriors. Contact one of our experts today to schedule an in-home consultation with a free estimate to discuss your remodeling project.

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