When picking a color scheme for your home’s exterior, it’s debatable to decide whether the colors of the roof and siding should contrast or match. This choice would also affect the hues for your windows and doors.

Matching Vs. Contrasting Roof and Siding Colors

Keep in mind that both options work and really depends on your style and preference.

Construction experts, Woodbridge Home Exteriors, shares when it’s a good idea to match or contrast the colors of your roof and siding.

Choose Contrasting Colors for Emphasis

Adding contrast to your exterior adds more depth and definition. It also emphasizes the architectural details of your home, which won’t be noticed if you match hues. This especially applies to traditional homes.

Contrasting colors are a good choice for small homes as they make any structure appear taller than they actually are. At Woodbridge Home Exteriors, we can help you choose the best contrasting colors for your roof, siding and even for your new windows.

Matching Colors for Modern Homes

In modern homes where there are minimal architectural details, matching colors work well. While contrasting colors are a usual choice, you can pick similar colors for these homes as they only have little ornamentation.

Be smart in choosing the colors of your exterior as they’re going to remain for years. Keep unity and harmony in mind to make sure that the elements of your home are tied together.

Deciding the perfect colors for your roof and siding should be a breeze with Woodbridge Home Exteriors. We also offer replacement windows should you need them for your project. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate. Our team provides quality services to homeowners in Lubbock and Fort Worth, TX as well as in Wichita, KS.