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The colors you choose for your siding and trim will have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. You’ll need to choose colors that will complement your home’s architecture and surroundings as well as express your unique sense of style. In today’s article, Woodbridge Home Solutions, the top vinyl siding company in our local area, gives tips to help you match your siding and trim color.

Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style

The color you choose for your siding depends on the style of your home. For example, traditional-style homes look great with beige siding and tan trim or white siding and tan trim. Contemporary homes look good with natural and neutral colors like dark gray and the like. During our initial consultation, our design expert will evaluate your home’s architectural style and recommend matching siding and trim color combinations, so you’ll have an easier time choosing colors.

Use Color Swatches

As one of the top siding companies in our local area, we strongly recommend using color swatches before making your final decision on your siding and trim colors. Make sure to view these swatches during different times of the day and under different lighting conditions. The colors you choose need to look great whether it’s day or night.

Do Your Research

When in doubt, do your research. Take a drive around your neighborhood and look for homes that look similar to yours. Take note of any that look particularly beautiful to you. Chances are their siding and trim colors will probably look great on your home too. You should also search the internet for inspirational house pictures. You can also ask us for design advice.

You can rely on our company for all of your siding replacement needs. Woodbridge Home Solutions has decades of experience and we’ll use this experience to recommend the best siding colors for your project. Our siding products come in a wide range of shades so you can easily find the best colors for your home. We serve many areas in KS including Hutchinson and Topeka. Call us at (316) 683-2400 if you are in Wichita, at (800) 728-3502 if you are in Dallas, at (877) 418-8805 if you are in Amarillo and at (806) 318-1285 if you are in Lubbock. You can also contact us here.

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