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Your choice of siding can define your home’s exterior and improve curb appeal. And if you’re keen on having your home stand out, you might consider using more than one siding material. In this article, we share some quick tips on successfully combining two siding materials.


You should select two very different profiles for your home to emphasize the contrast between the two siding materials. For example, you can use horizontal planks on the first level of your home and scallops on the second.

Even in the same color, two different siding profiles will still create drama for your home, emphasizing the dramatic shift between the two options. A typical two-siding combination includes horizontal planks on the first floor and scallops or shakes on the second floor.


A good exterior color palette comprises at least three hues for accentuating the roof, walls, and accents. If you plan on using two siding options, you can use different colors to highlight them and showcase their distinctiveness.

A quick way to underscore contrast is to use one dark and one light hue, but you can also use two different shades of the same color to ensure your siding options stand out while still complementing each other.

siding color combinations

When using two siding materials, make sure that their colors are quite distinct from each other. Using just one hue or closely similar shades won’t allow you to highlight the difference between the two siding materials. It would be pointless to have a two-siding design when both materials cannot be distinguished.

You might want to use one dark and one light color to ensure the contrast is more pronounced. Of course, when choosing these two colors, don’t forget to consider how they will look next to the rest of your home exterior. Much like with windows, ensure that all colors go well together.


You can also create contrast by using the different siding textures available.

Using two dissimilar colors may not always be enough to create your desired visual impact. In that case, you must play with different textures to make your home’s exterior more interesting. For example, choose a smooth finish on one siding system and a rugged look on the other.

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