Siding, regardless of the material it is made of, comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors made available to help you choose the perfect look for your home. Depending on where you are in the United States, however, certain designs may be more popular than others in your area. Then again, no design is exclusive to a specific geographic region, so mixing and matching materials and profiles is possible.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, one of the top home siding companies in Amarillo, provide a simple design guide that will provide you with information about each siding profile available in the market today.


Similar to the appearance of traditional wood siding, this design profile features straight faces and crisp edges. The look supposedly came from how the Native Americans shaped timber, which they sourced from the land on which they built their dwellings. It is available in profiles referred to as single, double, or triple. These pertain to the number of courses or rows for each siding panel. It has a corresponding number in inches, which is the panel’s height.


An alternative to clapboard, this exterior siding design profile has noticeable curves at the top of each course, creating strong shadow lines. Originally from Northern Europe, it made its way to the United States via the early settlers, which means this profile is immensely popular in the mid-Atlantic region. Dutchlap profiles are referred to the same way as the clapboard.


This siding profile features either staggered or straight edges. The former has varying lengths to establish a more rustic look, while the latter involves all shakes being of uniform length. It is often associated with cedar siding, which provides the home with a natural look. The emergence of other siding materials such as vinyl allowed manufacturers to shape them into these beautiful home exterior components without needing ongoing maintenance.

Woodbridge Home Solutions offers top-quality insulated vinyl siding that provides long-lasting curb appeal and superior performance. Our certified siding repair and installation crews have the experience to increase your home’s curb appeal and functionality.