Getting new siding is straightforward, especially when working with a reputable contractor. However, while you may have entrusted your exterior improvement project to the experts, it won’t hurt to understand a few key terms related to siding replacement.

  • Board and Batten – Board and batten siding refer to a siding style where “battens” are installed over the gaps between boards. Battens are essentially strips of siding material that seal joints.
  • Channel – The area on a siding piece that allows trim or another piece of siding to be inserted in.
  • Drip Cap – Also known as head flashing, it refers to trim pieces used to deflect water away from the tops of vertical siding.
  • Exposure – Sometimes referred to as “reveal”, it points to how wide a siding board is.
  • Face – The portion of the siding that is visible after installation.
  • Lap – Short for “overlap,” it is a siding style where one panel is installed to overlap with another siding panel. Lap siding is best at hiding fastening nails, providing home exteriors with a seamless appearance.
  • Miter Joint – Where two siding panels meet at a 90-degree angle.
  • Plumb – Also known as “square,” it refers to a perfectly perpendicular measurement exactly 90 degrees from a horizontal surface. In simpler terms, plumb siding is the opposite of crooked siding.
  • Siding Square – A measurement that refers to a siding piece sized 10 x 10 feet.
  • Tongue and Groove – A type of interlocking system, it features a “tongue” that fits into the adjacent “groove” on another siding piece.
  • Weep Holes – Tiny holes located at the bottom of the siding to provide condensation with a way out. They prevent water buildup between siding and backer boards.

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