Home improvement requires attention to detail. Mediocrity shouldn’t be allowed in this business because it is a long-term investment. The design of your house becomes an image of your own personal style. The windows of your dining area, for example, evoke a specific emotion, a glimpse into your home’s personality.

Every bit of detail in your house contributes to the overall feel of the structure. It’s going to be your home for many years, protecting you and your family through many seasons. And of course, it’s the first thing that your friends are going to notice when they visit.

Therefore, it is essential to consider the details that you are going to apply to your house design. Let’s start with the siding installation because it’s the part that covers almost the entire house.

There are three things to consider when choosing between horizontal and vertical siding.

Unique Versus Conventional Style

Horizontal is the more conventional installation style, while vertical is more unique.

Many homeowners prefer the safer and more traditional look. As you walk into your neighborhood, you may notice that there is a pattern in terms of siding installation. Most of the house exteriors are protected with horizontal siding. But as you continue walking, you’ll see that some of them stand out because of the break in the pattern. Vertical siding offers an elegant appeal to most people.

Durability and Longevity

Rainwater is the weakness of horizontal siding. It’s more vulnerable to moisture because water can build upon its edges and leak through the strips. But of course, there are durable materials such as vinyl siding and fiber cement that can resist water even if you are going to use horizontal siding. Perhaps the greatest strength of vertical siding is its ability to shed water as quickly as possible.

Time and Budget

Horizontal siding is often cheaper and quicker to install than vertical siding. Since vertical siding is fancier, expect that the bill will be a little higher. Horizontal siding offers a more affordable solution as it requires less time to install.

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