Siding forms part of your home’s defenses alongside the roof. It’s part of your dwelling’s thermal envelope, which seals precious heat in your interior and keeps it from escaping outside during winter. If your siding is damaged or old, it won’t be able to do this job efficiently, causing your heating bills to rise.

This is why it’s a good idea to discern whether your siding needs repair or outright replacement. If you spot the following signs, Woodbridge Home Solutions suggests the latter.

Widespread Rotting

If your siding shows signs of extensive rotting that it crumbles in some places, replacement should be in order. Localized rot can be repaired, but if the rot, especially dry rot, has spread over a wide area, it might be best to replace it all at once instead of letting the rot spread further.

We recommend vinyl siding replacement for your home exterior. Not only does it resist rot, but it resists the elements much better than any wooden product for your siding.

Cracks, Gaps, and Other Rampant Damage

Cracks and cosmetic damage are common in any component that shields you from the elements. That said, flaws like rot should be minor or confined to a small area. Companies like ours suggest replacing it should be your primary concern if it’s endemic to the entire siding. Cracks all across the entire face of a siding mean that it’s already lived past its usefulness.

Higher-Than-Normal Bills and Extra Maintenance

If you spot yourself paying for more heating than usual and your roof is well-maintained, this could be because your siding is playing a role. Siding not insulated well can leak heat outside, leading to your heating unit doing extra work to keep your interior cozy.

In addition, doing extra maintenance on your siding than you used to is already a sign that it’s failing. Repair and proper care can only go so far; siding has a natural life span, and once it reaches that limit, it’s best to replace it.

Woodbridge Home Solutions is the area’s most trusted siding expert. If you need professional siding installation in Dallas, don’t delay and call us. We also provide home remodeling services all throughout Texas and Kansas. Contact one of our offices to request a free estimate on your next vinyl siding project.

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