If you’re planning on replacing your home’s siding, then you should also consider getting replacement windows. This way, you can make sure that they complement each other, improving your home’s overall appeal.

More than just improving the beauty of your house, replacing your windows and siding together is more cost-effective. In this post, your trusted home exterior provider, Woodbridge Home Exteriors explains why you should have your siding and windows replaced at the same time.

Precise Window Capping

If you replace your windows and siding at the same time, your contractor can precisely install the capping surrounding the windows before they attach the siding. Proper installation of window capping is important because they divert the water away from the wall frame and interior.

Contractors would have to cut into your siding if you choose to delay your window replacement. This may cause your new siding to appear butchered. In addition, your existing window’s capping gets damaged when the siding is detached, meaning your window installer would need to recap them. Just have your siding and windows replaced at the same time to eliminate additional costs.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Windows improve your home’s energy efficiency by preventing air-conditioned air to escape outside. Your siding protects the building from extreme temperatures.

Making your home more energy-efficient requires improvement in both areas. It’s useless to replace your windows with energy-efficient materials when your siding has cracks. A siding that provides good insulation and high-quality windows can save you from significant energy and repair bills.

Invest in replacing your windows and siding at the same time because you’ll get better savings in the long run. Choose a contractor who provides high-grade, energy-efficient materials like Woodbridge Home Exteriors. We are your leading provider of quality vinyl replacement windows. Call us at (972) 217-7585 or complete our online form. Our team works with homeowners in Lubbock and Dallas, TX.


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