If you’ve ever had a siding installation or replacement in the past, then you know just how much the job can affect your windows as well. This is why many homeowners find it more convenient and sensible to tackle window and siding replacement usually at the same time. The question, however, is whether or not doing so is actually a good idea.

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Aside from cost considerations, there are many other factors at play during a siding replacement. Let our siding experts at Woodbridge Home Exteriors explain if you should time your window replacement alongside getting new siding.

The Moisture Barrier

Your windows usually have a moisture barrier installed underneath its frame to further improve its performance. This barrier often extends well past the frame and into your siding. Sometimes, contractors might find it necessary to cut through the siding to properly place the moisture barrier. The end result is not as bad as you might imagine, but it can leave your siding looking a little bit “scared.” That’s why experts recommend installing replacement windows first before getting new siding.

Cost Considerations

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to doing two home improvement projects at the same time is the cost. Replacing siding can be expensive on its own without having to deal with the cost of the window installation. Experts recommend doing the windows first and siding second if you’re strapped for funds. The only exception to this rule is if your siding is in too bad a shape that it needs to be replaced immediately.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl siding and windows can both affect the energy efficiency of your home. This is one reason to take on replacing both at the same time. The benefits to your energy savings can be bigger and better by upgrading your siding and windows with each other.

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