When it comes to your home, there are many things to think about: from your patio doors to the lighting, to the insulation, and your HVAC system. All these play a factor in keeping your home comfortable while being energy-efficient. However, there is one thing that most homeowners overlook when it comes to our home’s structure, and that’s the thermal envelope.

Woodbridge Home Solutions explains the thermal envelope and how you benefit from it in this blog post.

The Thermal Envelope

The thermal envelope’s main purpose is to protect your home’s interior from the outside environment. It’s pretty much everything that keeps your home dry and comfortable and your family safe and secure. The windows, walls, doors, and floors make up a thermal envelope in your home.

How You Benefit

You’re probably wondering why the thermal envelope is important and how you benefit from it. First, it’s important because without it you wouldn’t even have a house in the first place since almost every part of the entire structure makes up the envelope. From the walls to the windows and patio doors, the envelope has to be closed to be effective.

Second, you benefit from the thermal envelope since it can be one of the reasons for your low utility bill; it can provide passive solar gains via glazing, and during the winter, it will allow more energy into your building than what it releases. If constructed right, it can prevent flaws that compromise your conditioned air. It can help you avoid wasting energy and prevent toxic gas such as carbon monoxide from entering the living space, stopping a health disaster for your family.

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