Patio doors, whatever their style, look great on their own and are often used to accentuate the home’s aesthetic. Some even use it as transition between the interiors and the landscaped, decorated outdoors.

Not many people know, however, that you can increase their appeal even more by matching them with the right set of windows. Here are some window-patio door combination ideas.

Sliding Patio Doors and Picture Windows

A fixed, non-operable window combined with the dynamism and modernity of sliding patio doors offers an updated, contemporary look to any home. For best results, flank either side of your sliding door with large, fixed windows. This combination offers an expansive view of the outside alongside your patio doors, bathing your interior with light and opening up visual space.

Hinged Patio Doors and Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the most common windows you can find in America, and hinged patio doors are the same for patio doors. Combining the two sounds boring, but in fact, the differing axes of operation of these two fenestrations lend an eclectic, quirky character to your interior.

Even better, your window and vinyl siding expert, Woodbridge Home Exteriors, suggests installing seats below your double-hung windows. This allows you to enjoy your patio and its views without even stepping outside!

Any Type of Patio Door and Special Transom Windows

Tap your home’s inner luxury by crowning your patio door with a transom window. Most patio doors often come with plain rectangular transom windows, but you can sidestep this convention by opting for an arched variant that spans the length of your doors. That said, consider the door-to-window ratio for this design, as the patio should still be “dominant” in your field of view.

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