painting vinyl siding

Vinyl siding doesn’t require much maintenance for it to look good. For one, it comes with a color mixed with the material during manufacturing. However, it fades over time due to its continued exposure to the elements. Uneven patches of discoloration across the exterior may appear, detracting from your home’s curb appeal.

While it makes sense to invest in new siding, painting over it is seen as an alternative. Local siding and window installer Woodbridge Home Solutions provides some tips and things to consider when tackling this project.

Important Things to Remember

When painting the vinyl siding, pick the right time to do the project. Check the weather forecast in your area—you should be looking for mild temperatures, low relative humidity, and an overcast sky. Painting outside your home on a hot day will cause the paint to adhere to the siding surface poorly.

Of course, you’d want to check if this project will void the siding warranty, provided the warranty is still active. Even if it states that painting is allowed, make sure you follow everything written on it, particularly on the type and color of paint to use. Do the same thing if you happen to have vinyl replacement windows as well.

Things You Need to Have for the Project

can you paint vinyl siding

Choose paints that are specifically formulated for vinyl siding. More importantly, take advantage of the “vinyl safe” colors—those that will not absorb too much heat. These are composed of urethane and acrylic resins, which are components that combine excellent adhesion and flexibility.

Aside from paint, you also need a primer for the project. This may come in handy if the siding already shows signs of deterioration or severe weathering. Of course, be sure that the surface is prepared before you apply anything. Clean the surface using a cleaning solution made of detergent, household cleaner, liquid bleach, and water.

Turn to Woodbridge Home Solutions for your replacement windows and siding needs. Our exterior home products offer long-lasting curb appeal and superior performance. Expect our certified installation crews to install our products with precision and speed.